Objective and Mandate

General Objective

Contribute to the promotion of RE&EE at the regional level for the implementation of transformative projects at industrial, commercial, services and residential sector; that support the innovative technologies markets.

SICREEE’s Mandate

The SICREEE has been established by the SICA’s Council of Energy Ministers under the following geographic scope of intervention:

  • Support actions and execute activities related to renewable energy and energy efficiency at a national, multi-country and/or regional level.
  • Focuses on activities and projects that have a high potential to expand its coverage and allows its regional replication.
  • Works in urban and rural areas, emphasizing on decentralized RE&EE technologies and services for rural areas related to the agricultural sector.


Additionally, the Centre promotes the following energy technologies/solutions: 

  • High energy efficiency technologies.

  • Technologies for the energy generation based on renewables, included hybrid systems mainly based on RE.

  • Includes cross-cutting issues, such as the incorporation of environmental assessments and standards for planning and approval of actions, products, the energy-water-food nexus, gender integration and the circular economy, among others. 

  • Use of urban and agricultural waste for energy generation.

  • Small and medium-scale hydroelectric projects

  • Geothermal (due to the high potential of the region to generate significant amounts of energy and heat)

  • Actions on biofuels that proved to be sustainable. In this context, SICREEE considers second generation biofuels that do not compete with food crops for available land.

SICREEE’s Key Actors

  • General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SG-SICA).

  • Governmental institutions

  • Ministries

  • Electrification agencies

  • Private, public or public-private companies (SMEs, ESCO and others).

  • Municipalities

  • Individual Consultants and project developers

  • Academic institutions

  • NGOs and cooperatives

  • Civil society

  • International organizations


Technical Approach

The SICREEE focuses on 2 main areas:

Renewable energy

  • Bioenergy (efficient stoves, power generation)

    1. Biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol)

    2. Biogas

    3. Waste to energy

  • Geothermal energy

  • Hydroelectric power plants (medium, small, micro, peak)

  • Solar energy

    1. Photovoltaic (on/off-grid, lighting, pumping and others)

    2. Solar thermal energy (water heating, cooling, heat, solar stove and dryers)

  • Wind power

  • Tidal energy

  • Energy Access: mini hybrid networks, isolated systems and others

  • Sustainable energy storage (batteries, hydrogen)

Energy Efficiency

  • Sustainable mobility

  • Efficient teams

  • Sustainable and smart buildings

  • Cleaner production (industry, SMEs)

  • Smart electrical grids (transmission and distribution).


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